• Tour Details

    Tickets include a self-guided tour of fabulously decorated homes throughout the St. Marys area. Sponsors are also invited to a private party at an exclusive location.

    The Westerfield Home is a beautiful two story home that can be found in the historic downtown of St. Marys. It was among the first built in 1829 and has a historic modern charm.


    Next on the tour is the 1921 Colonial Jacobs Home with character and charm. Its original craftsmanship and historic features are magnificent. Be sure to see all 9 trees throughout the home and take note of the original light fixtures, woodwork, sun porch, and more. 

    The Martens Home is a gorgeous log cabin that was built in 1984. This a primitive style home with lots of beautiful decorations! The McEvoy Home is a traditional ranch style home on 4 acres that was renovated in 2015. The decorations are a good mix of traditional and contemporary style.
    The Kantner Home is a custom-built one of a kind on Candlewood Place whose modern furnishings pair beautiful with its contemporary design. There are many unique shapes, curves, triangles, squares, and ceiling vaults to create an interesting atmosphere.  


    The VIP Party information is coming soon! Receive an invitation to the VIP Party by becoming a sponsor.