• Chamber Bulk Mail Program

    Being able to use the Chamber Bulk permit is an added benefit of being a Chamber member.  By using the Chamber permit, members realize a $220.00 savings in not having to purchase their own permit.


    Bulk Mail Procedure

    1. Prepare your mailing— Call the chamber office to arrange for borrowing the Bulk Mail Stamp if needed.

    2. Sort your mailing by zip codes

         AADC Zones—This includes the following zip codes that start with:  


         Mixed Zones—are any other Zip Codes.

    3.  We will need to know how many items you have in each category—AADC or Mixed. And we will need to know the total items.

    4.  Bring 10 items to the chamber office to have them weighed and to have the office fill out the paperwork for you to take to the post office.

    5.  Take your mailing to the post office

          The USPS requests that Bulk Mailings are brought in prior to 3 pm

          Payment for mailing can only be paid by cash or check.  Credit cards are not accepted to                               pay for a bulk mailing. 

    This procedure is for regular mail (envelopes, newsletters, etc)  If you are mailing something oversized, please call the chamber first to make sure we can accommodate that item.  There are many items that we cannot handle here.

    Questions?  Call the office at 419-300-4611